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Our Qualitative Research Solution is your gateway to a deeper understanding of Japanese consumer’s perspective and opinion on products or services.

A partner who truly understands your needs and concerns is one of the most valuable assets when planning your market entry strategy.

Truly localizing – not just translating – your message will make your business more successful in market entry.

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What do you want to achieve in Japan? What is your product, target market, challenges and worries? Expanding your business to another country, especially as challenging as Japan can be a daunting task. But rest assured, you have an ally; a friend in Japan who can help you tackle those challenges and launch your business in the third biggest economy in the world. Let’s talk, and plan your next step together!

About us

見方 x 味方 [mi・ka・ta]

Mikata in Japanese can mean two things : “point of view” or “ally”

Based in Yokohama, we provide a fresh and unique point-of-view of Japan through our market research solutions. We take you one step closer to your customers and take a look inside their head and understand their decisions. We also provide you with a ground-level view of your competitors and the latest trends in your market. We can give you the best views of Japan because we have the best seat in the house.

More importantly, whether you want to learn everything about the Japanese market or you want to expand your business here, we are your trusty ally. We are here to listen to your concerns and provide the right solutions. We gather valuable insights, connect you with prospective partners, and deliver top-notch localization results directly to your corner of the world.

Together, no cultural difference or language barrier will stop you from driving your business to success. Grow your business in the world’s third largest market; together with Mikata Japan.


Our strengths


Get the results you want, the way you want it. Whether you want to gather data via surveys and interviews, or you need to register your subsidiary in Japan, you have the freedom to choose only the right solutions for your needs. We know that you understand what is best for your business, so we listen closely to your needs and requests, and we try our best to deliver them to you exactly as you wanted. Nothing is set in stone when we work together with our precious clients. What you need is what you get.

Tailor Made

Your business is unique. Your products are unique. We admire that uniqueness and we believe that it is the secret to your current success. We also believe that every business need their own unique solutions to gain success in the Japanese market. That is why every single one of our solutions are tailor-made to your needs. No same approach works with two different businesses, so we concentrate on delivering what is best for yours. Your success is our priority and fulfilling each of your unique needs is what we strive to do.

One Stop

There are many things to cross off your checklist when navigating the Japanese market. Save time and effort by choosing us as your one stop solution partner in Japan. Starting from preliminary market research, to product localization, to talent acquisition for your local subsidiary at the end of the line, we are here to help you navigate your long journey to success.


We uphold high standards of data delivery while strictly following privacy regulations to protect both clients and respondents. Respecting privacy and practising discretion is what makes our clients and respondents feel safe and trust us. Through this, we build strong foundations for long-lasting partnerships, even after working with us. We do not cut corners or take shortcuts to deliver results– we do it the right way.

Japanese market facts

Japan is the third largest economy in the world after the United States and China, with a GDP of $5.4 trillion and a population of 126 million people.
Japan is a key member of the international trade system with a market that respects the rule of law and provides strong protections for intellectual and real property rights.
Japan is highly dependent upon the import of natural resources notably as the world’s largest net buyer of food products in the world. It is also the world's largest importer of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and the third-largest coal importer.
At 65%, Japan’s middle class is larger than the OECD average. While number for upper and lower class are 8% and 18%, respectively, which are identical with OECD average.
The female employment rate in Japan has risen significantly since 2012, reaching 64.7% in 2015, well above the 58.5% OECD average. The employment rate of highly educated women has increased in the past decade, reaching 82% in 2019 (94% for Men) higher 1 % than global (OECD).
In the telecommunication sector, The Government of Japan has been conducting deregulation and promotion of competition in the field of telecommunications soundly, which have produced substantial results such as increase of new entry into the market, lower rates and diversified and highly-developed services. Also there is a shorter approval period for medical devices and pharmaceutical products.
Current domestic market size of service robots reached up tp 750,000 M JPY (estimated) in 2020. Demand for service robots in Japan is expected to grow significantly at a CAGR of 13.9% over the 20 year period leading up to 2035. Japan also has a strong global presence as a production market, ranking 4th in the world by number of service robot manufacturers.
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