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Project examples

Focus Group Discussion for Footwear Products

International Footwear and Clothing Brand​​
Respondents were divided into multiple groups based on their age and gender. Minimum household income level were also set. The discussion were focused on shopping behavior, brand awareness, competitors, pricing, and feedback regarding product lineups and features.

On Site Test for Smokeless Nicotine Product​

European Tobacco Company​
Respondents were screened based on their tobacco product type and usage frequency. Before taste test, questions regarding smoking behavior and other nicotine product use were asked. After taste test respondents were asked to rate the products and give feedback regarding packaging and flavor

Prototype Testing for Skin Care Product​

International Cosmetics and Self-care Company​​
Respondents were required to implement multiple prototype products in their daily beauty routines, and provide feedback daily via messaging apps, including videos and pictures of their routines. Afterwards, they choose which prototype they like best and explain the reason.

Corporate Image Research

Multinational Pharmaceutical Companies
Healthcare professionals, government officials and other stakeholders were asked about their impressions and opinions regarding the client company and their recent activities via an online depth interview.

Our speciality

Desk Research

To gain a broad understanding of your target market, first and foremost it is wise to find and utilize readily available data in the form of a desk research. With our Desk Research solution, you will receive a summary of the most relevant and up-to-date data about your target market, including from Japanese only sources. Make the correct first step. Talk to us now to learn more about your market in Japan.

Some example of Desk Research:

  • Reviewing official statistics and data about the Japanese market for your product
  • Analyzing the major players in the Japanese market, their market shares, and the recent performance of your competitors.
  • Researching the latest market trend in Japan to use it to your advantage

Product Testing

So, your product was a great success, congratulations! However, that might not be the case in a different country, with different culture and customs. This is especially true in Japan, with it’s unique and homogeneous market, where even the smallest details can make or break your product. Test your product with native Japanese users, and get valuable feedback and new perspectives to adjust your product to the local market.

Product testing examples :

  • Testing different package designs, flavors, features, and other parameters of your products to analyze which one your target customer prefers best
  • Comparing your product with competitor’s to understand it’s strengths and weaknesses in relation the the unique Japan market
  • On-site or On-line Product Testing to learn about your customer’s honest reaction to your product, and gather valuable ideas and insights to provide valuable feedbacks for your product development.

In-depth Interviews

Conducting an in-depth interview with your potential customer is always a good idea. There is a lot of information that are being left out in a simple survey, so hearing directly from your customers will give you a richer insight. Additionally, interviewing a local expert in your field might be the key to getting all the precious information you are currently missing out. It can also provide you with alternative viewpoints for recognizing the opportunities and risks you will find here in the local market, including the all latest innovations, trends and cultural changes happening right now in Japan.


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