Japan Market Entry Solution

One stop solution for entering the Japanese Market

To enter the Japan market, you will need a reliable local partner to help you navigate all the necessary preparations and connect you to the most compatible partners. That is where we come in. From finding local distributors, to setting up a local office, we provide you with a one-stop solution personalized to your exact needs. We also provide localization services so you don’t need to go anywhere else for your Japan market entry needs. Let us be your friend, your ally, your Mikata in Japan.

Our services (by market entry methods)

  • Shop setup support (Amazon Japan, Rakuten,etc.)
  • Product page translation to Japanese
  • Reviews and user feedback translation from Japanese to English, and more.
  • Distributor search and pre-screening
  • Communication support with potential distributors (E-mails, interpreter for online meeting, etc. English to Japanese and vice versa), and more.
  • Meeting arrangements when necessary (incl.transport and accommodation)
  • Partner search and screening
  • Licensing terms and agreements translation to Japaneses
  • Licensed products localization to Japanese, and more.
  • Exhibition support (Content Tokyo, License Japan, etc.)
Local Entity
  • Company registration support
  • Location consulting and office search
  • Talent recruiting support (screening, interviews in Japanese, etc.)
  • Laws, regulations and taxation research, and more.

Our services (by market entry phases)

1. Local Partner/Distributor Search

Looking for the perfect partner for your market entry while you are outside Japan is a difficult task. The lack of detailed information in English, combined with low English proficiency among Japanese make selecting the correct partner for your business a high-risk decision.

With us as your trusty local partner, you can get a much more accurate look into your potential partners in Japan. We can provide you with additional information and insights on potential partner and distributors from a neutral and local perspective. We can also contact them on your behalf and help you communicate with them in Japanese, reducing potential risk of misunderstandings and cultural issues.

2. Laws, regulations and taxation research

Adherence to the local laws and regulations is an inevitable part of entering any foreign market. We can get the answers for your laws, regulations and tax-related questions by researching primary and secondary Japanese sources for you.

Alternatively, if you prefer to hear from professionals, we can connect you to select local law and accountant firms that specializes in the subject. Japanese businesses tend to have limited information on their website, so it is often difficult to choose the best firm for your needs. We do not only connect you to these firms, but we also provide you with insights and opinions on which ones are the best fit for your business, based on information they provided online.

3. Product and content localization

We provide a one stop solution for your translation and localization needs. From communication support (mail translations, interpreter for meetings, etc) to product localization (packaging, manuals, etc.), we have all your needs covered.

Please refer to our Translations and Localization page for details.

4. Talent acquisition

Hiring talents from abroad is not easy task. Language barrier and unfamiliarity with the local culture could prevent you from making an accurate assessment of a candidate’s qualification and compatibility with your company.

We can provide you with a new point of view by interviewing your preferred candidate in Japanese and giving you feedback from a local business perspective. We can also help you with the hiring process if necessary.

5. Local entity setup

You have done your research and decided that it is worth the effort to setup a local entity in Japan. However there are different possible ways you can do this, such as creating a local representative office, a branch office or setting up an entirely independent local subsidiary. Each have their pros and cons, and different requirements to setup.

The normal way to proceed is by utilizing the help of local accounting or law firm. In addition to that, having a representative in Japan to help you manage the setup process and look for the best location for your office will definitely be helpful. We can support you through the whole process together by providing your with a temporary person in-charge. Based in Japan, he/she can be your feet on the ground, and help you communicate with local firms in a timely manner, reducing your burden and speeding up the process.


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